A New Way To Read With Your Kids

The best way for kids to learn is with engaged parents. Our platform encourages parents to use tablets together with their children as a family anytime and anywhere.

Real-Time Video

Instead of having to fumble with video-conferencing and tangible books, Kiddology puts it all in one place. You select your trusted network, from which your child then picks the companion that’s available to read or play with in real-time anywhere in the world. A little video box lets communication happen but co-play is seen on both devices to help the family member encourage learning and help when needed while your child uses Kiddology.

Create Your Own Books And Games

The Kiddology team is filled with creative artists. Their biggest problem always has been the lack of ability to publish their creations without knowing how to code. Kiddology bridges that gap by providing an easy-to-use web application that lets them and you do exactly that. We peer-review every creation to ensure it meets our standard of engaging educational content, but lets the creative network of the globe share their ideas like never before.

Families On Tablets Together

Children playing apps by themselves rarely helps them learn better. Your children thrive on interaction. When you, as parents use mobile devices with your kids you all connect and grow together. It’s heartbreaking to see children using iPads by themselves with unhelpful gameplay. Technology should be used to help your children grow and learn, rather than just as a distraction. Kiddology does that, by focusing on bringing families back together with co-play.

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