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Wonder Box

Subscription based services seem to be catching on quickly in various areas such as clothes, shoes, make up,jewelleryand now even children’s activities can be ordered through a monthly subscription. Wonder box is just such a service. Have you ever been stumped for things to do with your child? Wonder box provides a box filled with three children’s activities each month with themes such as mad scientist, nature or once upon a time. Themes and activities are chosen to enrich and educate young children. These activities are aimed at children aged 3-6 but children older than 6 can enjoy them too.

wonder box

Wonder box was created to help children learn essential skills such as numbers, colours, shapes, letters and skills such as reading, fine motor skills, sorting and patterning. These boxes can also be given as gifts. The monthly subscription price is $19.99 which might be a bit steep for some activities but you’re essentially paying for convenience here. However, it’s a great way to bond with your child every month and it gives them something to look forward to as well. Most kids love receiving things in the mail and this will be addressed to them too.

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