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Why Dads Should Get an iPad Too

For the past few weeks we’ve been subtly bombarding parents with reasons why kids should get an iPad. Well today, as a fitting tribute for Father’s Day (albeit three days late), I’m going to talk about why we should get Dadsan iPad too.

First are perks for Business Dads. An iPad is a fantastic work companion because of its connectivity and productivity. With the right apps, such as OmniGraffle, you can easily brainstorm ideas or manage presentations and finances on the go – without squinting! Who says you can’t work unless you have a laptop?

Second are perks for Stay-At-Home Dads. If you’re like me and never know what to cook, you’ll love the Weight Watchers Kitchen Companion app, which has a great interface and even better recipes. For Dads who like to tinker, iHandy Level is a very handy carpentry app.

Lastly, iPads are fun! I got my dad a Mota Helicopter that can be controlled with an iPhone or iPad for Father’s Day. Hopefully he won’t crash it anytime soon.

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