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What We Can Learn From Tech News

Over Memorial Day weekend an iPad prototype was sold on eBay for $10,000…actually $10,200 to be exact! Although the prototype was that of the original iPad, it still got the attention of the technology press.

Here’s a pic via Gizmodo:
$10,000 iPad Prototype Was ‘Most Likely’ Stolen Property, Says eBay Seller

The man claims to have gotten the iPad from a co-worker. Regardless of who gave it to him it must of come from someone who had probably stolen it. So, what can children learn from this story? Stealing can get you lots of money and you will never get caught or face any repercussions? No, however in this case an argument can be made.  With the internet the way it is, I’m sure within the next week half of the kids you know will have heard about this. Saying that, I think that the lesson in this story should be to tell our youth to not be scared of taking advantage of opportunities. 

I’ve taught kids of all ages for the last 5 years.  I’ve also dealt with their parents. In my “expert” opinion I find that kids these days might lose the same drive and determination that led to all the inventions and ideas that we’ve seen the Mark Zuckerberg’s of the world create…or steal for that matter. It might be a little premature to make such bold statements but the from what I’ve seen things have changed since I was kid. What has caused this? Who knows. What I do know is that kids in Canada are not getting as much exercise as they should be. According to the Globe and Mail: “Active Healthy Kids Canada gave a letter grade of F to both the physical activity levels and screen-based sedentary behaviours of today’s children and youth.” Perhaps we will be seeing more apps for tablets geared to children’s exercise, like I had hinted in my last post.

All I know is that with all this negative press and news our children have been exposed to, there should always be a positive message, regardless of the story!

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