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What can we expect from the iOS 6?

Last week at the Apple developer’s conference, Apple announced their new operating system, the iOS 6.  The iOS 6 is expected to be released in the fall and it is going to have a lot of cool new features. One of these features is what they are doing with maps.  All map elements will be vector based which means the graphics and text are going to be incredibly detailed. You can also tilt and rotate your iPad to view a specific area and you can get real time traffic updates.

Apple Maps for iOS 6 with 3D this summer

You’re probably wondering what this has to do with educational children’s games.  Remember last week when I discussed the star gazing game? We saw how advanced that game was from our traditional games.  With the new iOS coming out soon, we can expect some more cutting edge games to follow. What if we had a game where you can analyze objects in real time? You would be given the measurements of an object and you have to calculate the area or the volume of the object. I think this would be really cool to see and with all the new technology coming out, I think it’s possible. Applications on the iPad have come so far since the iPad was released, and we keep expecting them to improve.

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