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Waterproof Iphone Case? Check!

With the many cool and funky Iphone accessories out there, I’m sure many of you Iphone users have dreamed of a waterproof Iphone case to protect your beloved piece of expensive technology. Fortunately, the Iphone scuba suit will now do just that! It’s 100% waterproof underwater up to 15 feet deep so now you can take pictures underwater!

Iphone Scuba Suit


The scuba suits are all individually tested to ensure that they are waterproof. It also has a touch-sensitive gel screen cover so that it can still be responsive underwater. An optical grade lens cover will make sure that your photos look just as great as they do above water. With this scuba suit, your Iphone will be able to safely take pictures at your next beach vacation, the pool, and even the shower (although I’m not sure who would do that…)! The cushioning on the case will also protect it all the way if you drop it. Did I also mention the waterproof headphone jack? If you own waterproof headphones you can now listen to your music underwater as well! Ok maybe not underwater but… in the shower? ;)

If you’re interested in the scuba suit, it comes with a price tag of $60 and can be purchased here.

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