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Wacky & Fun Kids Apps (Wacky Wednesday)

It’s Wacky Wednesday and we’ve got some some wacky app reviews for our readers. Kids love apps which are fun and entertaining but parents want to ensure that these apps are also helping their kids develop a skill or a cognitive ability. The following three fun kids apps are not only entertaining got kids but also provide a fulfilling learning environment.

Peekaboo Barn
Peekaboo Barn is a fun app for your toddler whichshowcasesa barn and teaches children about allthedifferent types of animals in a barn. When the animals begin to move, the barn begins to bounce. This app will be a lot of fun for your little one, especially because of all the fun animal sounds and animations that this app has to offer. When the barn starts to move, your little one can tap on the barn doors which reveal the happy animals hiding inside. The animals make a sound that helps your child recognize what it is, such as a “moo” or a “baah”. After that, the animal announces its name. Thus,teachingyour child how to relate the sounds the animal makes to the name of the animal. This app is a great way toteachyour child about animal names and sounds.

Letter Writers Oceans
LetterWriter Ocean is a wonderful app that can teach your child how to practice letter writing. The letters in the game are floating underwater. When the letter is tapped on, your child can see the guides for the lines in the letter and follow the line directions to trace the letter on the screen. Little fishes begin to follow yourchild’sfingers each time they make a correct letter line. If your child draws the letter correctly they earn a starfish. When your child earns four starfishes they get to hear a poem about the letter. Letter Writer Ocean is a great way for your child to learn how to draw the alphabet while being entertained by fishes.

Tick Tack PaddyWhack
Tick Tack Paddywhack is a great imitation of tic tac toe for children, providing kid-friendly animations and graphics. The X and O are replaced by children and pet markers. The game provides multiple levels and can be played individually or with a second player. When your child wins five games he is able to unlock a prize which include bonus games and additional characters. This dazzling game keeps your child entertained with lots of different coloursand sharp graphics. A great way tosubstitutetic tac toe for little children.

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