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VivoPlay Watch: Keeping Parents and Kids in Sync

My favorite product at CES isn’t a fork that vibrates and emits warning lights when you’re eating too quickly. It isn’t HzO Waterblock, which makes devices water-friendly (though quite handy if your little ones have an affinity for flushing things down the toilet).

Instead, it’s something that uses GPS and WiFi triangulation to provide live tracking information and alerts so you always know where the little rascal ran off to. It’s something that makes it easy for children to get in touch in the event of an emergency.

It’s the VIVOPlay watch.

If you haven’t heard about it, VIVOPlay is a wearable communications and location device designed by Evado Filip CEO Sten Kirkbak after he temporarily lost his 4-year-old son in a shopping mall. Combined with the Evado Filip app, parents can easily call or send short messages to their kids,and designate 5 predefined numbers that the kids can call. Of note is a panic button that, when pressed, immediately calls and broadcasts your child’s location to all 5 pre-programmed numbers, and begins recording all sounds around the device.

Another awesome feature is the ability to define safe and danger zones. If the watch leaves or enters those zones, parents will instantly receive a text or phone call.

If you’re looking for some peace of mind, but not too keen on giving your little ones a smartphone or GPS tracker, VIVOplay may be the solution! The watch looks great as well!

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