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Ubooly: The Smart Interactive Plushy

Previously we blogged about apptivities which are iPad/iPhone accessories that bring your app games to life. Now we have a new interactive toy that makes use of iPhone functions! Introducing the Ubooly: a roly-poly orange plushy that looks more or less like cross between a bear and a Furby.


The Ubooly is activated once you download the free Ubooly app and insert your device into the plushy. Your device provides the Ubooly with a face. By using voice recognition features, the Ubooly can recognize commands and interact with you such as by playing games or telling stories. This would be perfect for your old hand-me-down devices that your kids now own and it will keep them entertained as well. The app is designed to inspire creativity and learning in children since the Ubooly can play music and spew fun facts too. Since it is a soft plushy, your device will be protected as well. Furthermore, this roly-poly bear will get “smarter” over time as it learns and remembers things about you. When you’re not using the Ubooly, you can also play mini games on the app as well. New activities are available every month through monthly updates. The Ubooly is recommended for children aged 4-9 and retails for $29.95.

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