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Transforming Time Telling via Apps for Kids

It’s Techie Thursday and interactive applications are making learning easier for children. The apps provide a specific learning need and captivate children by transforming work into gaming. Released just last week is the Interactive Time Telling app. The game makes learning to tell time easy, with statistics to keep track of progress.

Interactive Time Telling App – time shifts to suit day and night.

This app is designed for children aged 3-12 and has movable hour and minute hands perfect for their fingers! The children can select either analog or digital clocks in nine different designs. There are five different levels, each one teaching children how to read clocks, converting from analog versus digital, times during the night and day, the changes from AM to PM, changes from a 24-hour clock to a 12-hour and a virtual aquarium reward. Though with this app, learning to tell time is just the beginning.

For younger learners, there are tutorials to get started on the concept of telling time. With set the time, a time is provided and children will have to use their fingers on their iPad to shift the time accordingly. The puzzles further learning with teaching digits, hours, minutes and the quiz provides practice for lessons taught at each level educating children about telling time.

Other interactive games for children.

An example of the “flower” clock in a “Set Time” game.

This app came with native speakers for English, French, Spanish, Japanese, German languages, but as previously mentioned, it was released last week. An update now includes languages inItalian, Swedish, Dutch, Portuguese, Norwegian, Korean, Russian and Danish! No to mention, 15 new fish added to the aquarium.

Interactive Time Telling was selected as the 2012 Parents’ Choice Silver Award winner selected by the Parents’ Choice Foundation and was chosen as theiPhone App of the Week in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Overall New & Noteworthy in France, China.

This app provides a new and enjoyable way to educate children in learning to tell time.


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