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Touchable Television

This week, TechCrunch did a spotlight on the company called PlaySquare. The company was created by Emmy-award-winning children’s television producers.

Fittingly, they developed what they are calling a “Touchable Television.” According to PlaySquare, children enter the story by finger drawing a playsquare on the screen. After that, they become an active part of the story: creating, finding and collecting elements from the story, while progressing the story along.

Not only the child can watch the program on their iPad and interact with it, the show can tailor itself to the child’s individual behavior and progress with them as they level up while learning.

I used to see little kids who seem to be fixated on the TV screen either watching Teletubbies or Sesame Street, and think to myself how mind-numbing it must be for the kids to have just a constant stream of one-sided transfer of information fed to them. In order for a child to become a creative and active thinker, the educational experience needs to be interactive, engaging, and consequential. While there are interactive story-books on the app market, PlaySquare seems to be disrupting this relatively new market yet again to show how rich the related content can be.

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