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Top 3 Apps for a Busy Mom (Mommy Monday)

It’s Mommy Monday and today’s article focuses on mom-friendly apps that help balance family and career obligations for a busy mom. Reach into your purse and grab your phone because these top 5 mom apps are bound to make life a lot more organized.


The Cozi app allows you to organize your family calendar, create shopping lists, to-do lists and leave reminders for yourself all in one place. The family journal is Cozi holds all these things in one place. To top it all off the app is free to use on iPhone, Android and Blackberry so you can access it when on-the-go.
Download it here:

Mom Maps

Mom Maps makes it easy to access information for parks, playgrounds, restaurants and kid-friendly areas around the city. Mom Maps uses your smartphone’s location to find the places you want from arcades to even museums. All kid-friendly locations appear with an indicator on the map which can be tapped for additional information such as addresses, directions from your current location to even peer reviews. This app can be found in both the App Store and Google Play.
Download it here:


OurKids is the perfect app to keep track of your child’s important milestones from daily activities to special moments. This app lets you capture everything from photos of your little one to audio sound bites of their first words. All your saved content is complied into a searchable virtual family journal book that can be easily accessed from your smartphone on-the-go. You can find the OurKids app in the AppStore for just $3.99. A great investment to save some child memories.
Download it here:


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