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Tablet Talk: Too Young for Tech?

With the growing plethora of gadgets and gizmos in today’s society, kids are exposed to the world of technology at increasingly younger ages. As troublesome as it may seem to lend away your expensive gadget, there are educational benefits to be derived from using the iPad and the multitude of apps available to educate young children. However, just how young is too young? The Innotab 2 Baby by VTech was just introduced last year and is suitable for children 12 months old to 9 years of age. If you want your child to be tech savvy and more technologically educated than their peers, perhaps you might want this tablet. It comes with 12 preloaded apps and also other educational games as well. This was designed to be able to soothe your baby with the music when you’re not around and create a valuable learning experience when parental guidance is available. As usual, these tablets aimed towards young children come with a nice protective case. The InnoTab 2 Baby is currently retailing for $89.96.

InnoTab 2 Baby

The effectiveness of these apps in educating children at such a young age is debatable. It may be better to wait till the child is a little older and invest in a better tablet that is more multifunctional and just as educational. Also these tablets aren’t cheap either so it would be better if your child did not outgrow it as fast. We all know how short attention spans are these days. Based on the aesthetics of the tablet, children 6-9 years old may not be interested in it if their parents had an iPad around for them to play with as well. Kids want to be like the grown-ups so these tablets targeted towards children may not be all that highly coveted. Furthermore, there are other ways to babysit your child than with a high tech toy. With the launch of so many new tablets targeted towards children, careful product research is a must!

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