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Tips for Managing Screen Time

Last week you met Lilith, the adorable two-year-old-phone-operating-genius. Her proud mommy knows that technology is a huge educator, but is also aware that it comes with great responsibility (like Spider-Man powers). After all, no parent would fancy coming home to a pair of glassy eyes or vacant stares.

Limited screen time is, of course, not always handled well by children. My aunt always tells me she would sooner take a raging pit bull head on than get into verbal wrestling matches with my seven-year-old cousin. So with summer fast approaching, what’s the best way to manage screen time?

My favourite is simply to distract the kids. For example, exercise as a family by taking walks or riding bikes. Have your kids help tear some lettuce for that Caesar salad you’re making for dinner. Or lock them upsign them up for a summer camp!

One smart daddy somewhere decided to get an early start on teaching his three children a proper respect for time management by handing out daily 30-minute screen time tickets. The kids can either turn the tickets in for some quality TV or computer time, or save them to buy that new book or toy they’ve always wanted. Pretty brilliant if you ask me.

Do you have any tips you want to share?


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