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Time to Hurricane-proof Your Halloween Costumes

Brace yourselves for a wet and windy Halloween, because Sandy is coming whether we want her to or not. If you’re not cancelling trick-or-treat night, you should probably re-think your or your children’s costumes. After all, a soggy mini superman, even with a bucket full of sweet goodies, will not be a happy hero.

The easiest option is to equip yourself with waterproof accessories such as rain boots and clear rain coats. For umbrellas, I recommend choosing one that is bubbled-shaped sono one’s eyes will be in danger of being poked in narrow doorways. Also consider umbrellas with a hook handle forhanging candy bags.

If you haven’t decided on a Halloween costume yet, select one that is naturally waterproof, like firefighters with their big hats or Ironman and his plastic suit. Or a fisherman. Be sure toavoid costumes with fake cotton muscles, as those will soak up water like there’s no tomorrow, and also costumes that will drag on the ground (sorry princesses and brides).

Adding layers underneath the costumes is another great way to stay warm. Remember, whatever you decide to do, always try to think of ideas that will complement the costume!

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