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Time to get Creative with Crayola’s DigiTools

I’m just so amused with all these apptivities that I just can’t help but share another one with you guys! If you’ve been following our blog, in previous posts, I talked about the apptivity monkey by Fisher-Price, and popular games such as fruit ninja which have also turned into apptivities now. Today I will introduce you to Crayola’s DigiTools. Kids love colouring and as a child I had many colouring books filled with pages where I coloured outside the lines. Now that tablets and iPads are used in many households, kids may grow up colouring on these devices instead but not with traditional crayons of course!

airbrush kit

With Crayola’s DigiTools, kids can now use cool stamps and one stylus crayon to colour and create many special effects. The DigiTools apps can be downloaded for free. Currently Crayola has three DigiTools packs: the 3-D pack, the airbrush pack and the effects pack. The 3-D pack includes 3-D glasses and a special dual tip stylus to create 3-D designs! Watch this video for a demonstration! The beauty of this app is that you only ever need one crayon since you can choose which colour to use on a colour wheel in the app. This means no more lost and broken crayons or mess! Erasing and starting over can also be done with the touch of a button. Crayola has put an interesting twist on the traditional colouring book but will this replace good old crayons? Probably not but who knows what they will come up with next?

3D digitools pack

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