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Having Company? The Ultimate Kid-tastic BBQ Recipies

With summer in the air, fathers are heading for the bbq grill to cook up storms of delicious goodness for the entire family. With all the food papa bear is preparing, there’s bound to be company.


Bring the kids together for an ultimate bbq experience.

Spice up your family bbq with little more creativity then just steaks and hot dogs and give your little ones something to look forward to. Call all your kid’s parents and friends and make your backyard the play date haven for all your neighbors with these fun recipes. It takes just the same amount of time to prepare something a little special for the little ones. The food just happens to look so good, you may just dive in for a bite or two yourself.

Mini Sailor Sliders


Mini burger sliders are just the perfect size!

Start off the main course with some of these delicious sliders that are bite-sized enough to fit right in your little ones mouth with ease. No need to run after them to finish their food, these little monsters are just the right size! Full of nutrition while being super duper delicious and quick and easy to cook on the bbq grill. Top them off with small white toothpick flags to add a special flare.
Find the recipe here:

Watermelon Pops


Savory watermelon pops to add a little crunch to your gathering.

Eating watermelons can become a sticky situation, and these popsicles are just bite-sized enough to keep your child and his play-dates hydrated in the sun. Grab a pack of small popsicle sticks from your local grocery store and insert them into bite sized watermelon triangles. Be sure to keep them in a bucket of ice or a cooler away from the bbq grill, to keep them nice and cold. If you want to spice it up, you can add some crushed cocoanut garnish to the top it off and give the popsicles some crunch. No need for sweet, sugary drinks when you have watermelon!

PB & J Sushi Rolls


Some classic PB&J fun for your very berry kidtastic bbq.

Peanut butter and jelly is more then just a classic recipe, its the epitome of every kid’s childhood, so why not add a little 21st century twist. These sushi rolls are made from flour tortillas smothered in different types of jellies. You can top them off with berries or sliced up fruit. There’s always the option of using nutella spread if your little one is a chocolate lover. A perfect recipe to add some berries to a kidtastic bbq!
Find out how to make them here:

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