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The State of the App

Only a few years into the Great App Boom, a recent survey this week has confirmed our suspicions; Apps are nothing short of ubiquitous. The percentage of the population with a smartphone has just passed above 50% in the US. But the numbers of app usage are even more staggering.

App Usage by Country - Velti & TechCrunchAmong smartphone users in North America, app use is an average of more than 30 minutes a day, according to the study by Velti. Not per week, but per day. It’s conceivable that your average smartphone user now spends more time on apps on their phone than they do eating, for example.

In the United States that number is 38 minutes, a statistic seconded by Nielsen’s own study (39 minutes). In Canada, it is 32 minutes. Once you leave the continent, a few regions embarrass even those figures. Denmark, Sweden, Singapore, and Israel all are over 70 – their average smartphone user spends more than an hour and 10 minutes of their waking day on a mobile application.

Are these numbers a sign of the times or a call for alarm? Do you use apps considerably less than your average Swede? What will these numbers be like when our children are our age? Leave a comment below, or on our Facebook!

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