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The Smartphone Diet: App Cookies

Last week I confessed my (very justified) Pinterest addiction. Well, here’s a second confession: I have an obsession with my smartphone. Just a wee one, mind you, but enough to make me wonder at times, “Why am I staring at my phone instead of brushing up my non-existent cooking skills or going out to soak up some Vitamin D?”

Hmm, I doubt I can justify this addiction. And nor should I, especially after reading articles about electronic gadgets replacing traditional games of tag and dress-ups (good times). Since when did Temple Run count as running?

So starting today until the end of summer, I’m going to go on a smartphone diet. I invite you and your family to join me as well. Be on the lookout every Wednesday for a fun activity that will take your mind off smartphones and other devices!

Now I don’t know about you, but I HATE dieting of any form. These iPhone app cookies will compensate for my upcoming smartphone deprivation. I’m going to make them using this basic sugar cookie recipe and whatever icing I can get my hands on. Time to get artistic!

For baking pros out there, try making this amazing iPhone cookie.

It’s going to be quite the adventure. Remember to check us out on Twitter and Facebook!

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