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The Smartphone Diet: Olympic Crafts

What makes Twitter crash, a Londoner attempt to swim the 3600 miles from France to New York (wearing only a pair of trunks, no less), and the Beckhams desperate to conceive a child during the Games – all at the same time?

A severe case of Olympic fever! And it’s going to take more than a bowl of piping hot chicken soup to curb this contagion’s momentum. Then again, why stop it?

Recently, the teacher-turned-stay-at-home mom behind the websiteI Can Teach My Child took her Olympic spirit a step higher and published a free eBook that includes unique Olympic-themed crafts, activities, and snacks perfect for anyone wanting to have fun with their children during the Games.

Here are my favourites. For those interested, her website provides fantastic photo instructions.

1. O is for Olympics

Supplies you’ll need: O is for Olympics printable page, Froot Loops cereal, and glue

2. Olympic Clay Medals

Supplies you’ll need: baking soda, water, cornstarch, a circle cookie cutter, gold metallic paint, and ribbon

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