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The Smartphone Diet: A Trip to the Library

I love technology, but eBooks and I don’t get along. For one, it’s scent-free, stripped bare of that delicious smell of pulverized, pressed wood-pulp and lingering adhesives. Second, you can’t dog-ear an eBook unless you take a wrench to it, and a digital bookmark just isn’t the same.

This week’s activity is simple: a family visit to the library! I recommend the Scholastic sponsored book “I Am Small” by Emily Dodd for tots AND grownups. Your heart will meltas you look at the high sky and deep oceans through the eyes of a baby penguin. Mine did.

Another inspiring read is “The Digital Diet: The 4-step plan to break your tech addiction and regain balance in your life” by Daniel Sieberg. It has four parts – rethink, reboot, reconnent, and revitalize – each with its own quirky tips and exercises to help readers attach caloric labels on technology and manage their intake.

Afterwards, bookmark your page with these adorable origami monster bookmarks!

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