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The Pro Side of Video Games

When we think of kids playing video games these days, we imagine a child in a dark isolated room glued to a TV screen and many parents worry that this could be detrimental to their social and intellectual growth. Sure, you might feel tempted to blame a whole lot of things on violent games but that’s not usually the case. Here are some benefits to playing video games or myths debunked:

1. Social Interaction – Many games are multiplayer such as games for the immensely popular Wii (Mario Party anyone?). Not only would this provide social interactions between children, but it may also help them develop problem solving skills and encourage team work to accomplish goals that they will need later on in life.

2. Couch potatoes? Not anymore! – Game designers have heard the cries of concerned parents over the inactivity that comes with playing video games. Now we have games like Dance Dance Revolution (DDR), Wii sports, Wii fit, and Just Dance for the Playstation Move. Parents can join in on these games too.

3. Creativity Link – A recent study from the Michigan State University found that creativity in writing and drawing  was linked to playing video games. Specifically, the more kids played, the more creative they were compared to other forms of technological entertainment.

Of course I have to end this post with the usual “everything in moderation” statement.


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