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The iPotty: Coming to a Store Near You

Drumroll please! I’m proud to present to you the latest and greatest in iPad accessories: the iPotty. We’ve featured some interesting iPad and iPhone accessories before but this one might take the cake. The iPotty debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this year and I’m sure it caught the attention of many. Yes the iPotty is now a thing. This is potty training gone high tech. Adults are frequently in the washroom with their iPad or iPhone so it’s only natural that their kids catch on to this trend too. This was produced by GTA Digital and is meant to keep your toddler happily occupied on the loo when nature calls. It basically looks like a traditional potty but it has a iPad stand attached at the front. Of course there is also a screen guard on the stand to protect your precious gadget from dirty little fingers and who knows what kind of germs can get on it when it’s in close proximity to a potty. There is also a seat cover on the potty so if you’re not using it for toilet training purposes, your little one can still sit on it and play with the iPad (unfortunately that is not included). I don’t know how effective this will be but if you’re having trouble with toilet training your toddler, perhaps you could be desperate enough to invest in this. In fact, it might even be hard to get your kids off the potty! The iPotty will be available in March for $40 and is compatible with the iPad 2, 3 and 4.


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