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The Importance of Technology in the Classrooms

As I’ve previously explained, my elementary school days were coupled with the introduction of the desktop computer to the general public. As a result, I was the first generation of kids to use computers and I think it really helped me out to become the tech savvy man I am today. More importantly though, it taught me the skills required to adapt. What I mean by this is that every few years I was introduced to the new computer available for students.

Now when schools try and figure out how to properly allocate their annual budgets, I believe that serious consideration should always be put towards adding new types of technology. Now I’m not only talking about new computers and iPads, but new software as well.

Here are 3 reasons why:

1. Any type of creative challenge for children is a good thing. With the way technology has evolved in recent years, it is very easy to set up limits on usage and website blocks for children.

2. As a recent university graduate, more often than not employers require some basic type of computer skills. I know for a fact that in the future this required skill will be as important as any other skill. Finding a proper way to integrate new technologies and education is imperative if children want to one day have a competitive edge.

3. My third point is more of a statement. Learning and using technology in the classroom should be treated like any other discipline. If kids start learning math at an older age, chances are they will have trouble with math related classes , the same can be said about using technology.

We should seriously think of making it a priority in schools. However, we should never forget the importance of reading books and the art of writing, but finding a happy medium is a must!

Maybe this kid is a little too young though…

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