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The Evolution of Back-to-School Shopping Lists

I hope everyone enjoyed their Labour Day long weekend (also known as the last window of freedom before school begins)! Yesterday was the first day of school for many British Columbians, and here’s what I saw: 99% of the class whipping out their shiny new laptops and tablets to take notes, and a measly 1% a fresh sheet of lined paper and pen.

The back-to-school shopping list has evolved, and many businesses are clocking in on this evolution by transforming school devices to keep up with the students. Take the Powerbag for example. It’s a backpack that comes with a built-in battery system that can charge tablets and smartphones while you’re on the go. This means you’ll never have to worry about your tablet running out of battery as you’re taking notes.

Then there’s the binder insert case, which secures an iPad in any standard three-ring binder. See, a binder is no longer just used to hold lined papers! Back-to-school supplies are adapting themselves to the new tech environment.

Let’s also not forget the eBooks, which are cheaper and lighter than physical textbooks.

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