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Thanksgiving Leftovers One Meal At A Time

I love Thanksgiving. Just thinking back to the creaminess of roasted garlic mashed potatoes and the crispness of turkey skin makes me drool. Monday, won’t you come back?

But alas, the amount of leftovers in the fridge is rather daunting (hello 2 weeks of turkey). As usual, in the face of such trouble, I turned to my trusty Google for some simple yet delicious recipes for Thanksgiving leftovers. The result? I found great recipes for every meal of the day!

1)Turkey Eggs Benedict

Let’s start with breakfast! The runny yolk looks like it’ll go incredibly well with turkey and cranberry sauce.

2)Potato Tukey Ball

Next up is lunch. I dub thee the best of both worlds and will be frying myself a couple as soon as I finish writing this post.

3) Thanksgiving Sushi Rolls

Then we have dinner. My jaw dropped when I saw this. Normally, I’m always up for an adventure in food. But a roll filled with gravy, cranberry, turkey, and mashed potatoes? Hmmm….

4) Sweet Potato Biscuits

One must never forget fluffy desserts. The auburn color looks beautiful.

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