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Texting Your Way To Good Spelling?

Many parents worry that their children will adopt bad spelling habits due to the use of texting. Now that most cell phone providers offer unlimited texting plans, nothing will stop these teeny boppers from texting away on their smartphones 24/7.

A study from Coventry University (UK) studied the spelling of children who did not already have a mobile phone and were given mobile phones to use for texting. During a ten week period, the children’s spelling and reading were monitored. The conclusion was that texting did contribute to the improvement of reading and spelling while factors such as IQ were also monitored. So contrary to popular belief that the use of abbreviations and slang in texting would be detrimental to literacy development, it turns out that the opposite may be true! That’s good news for many worried parents. Apparently texting may increase phonetic awareness and expose children to print outside of school settings. However, the best way to develop your spelling would still be thru reading books and being exposed to more vocabulary. Some teachers have stated that slang does creep into school papers at times.


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