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Technology to Help Keep Your Resolutions

A quick Googlefest shows the two most commonly made and broken New Year’s resolutions are:

- Eat healthier and get fit
- Spend more time with family

Hmm….perhaps one of these gizmos can lend a hand?

Eat healthier and get fit

Make the resolution a family affair! That means no junk food in the cupboards, lots of veggie, and only whole wheat bread (sigh). This works for me because I don’t get as much of an incentive to cheat when others are suffering with me.

For those with the willpower to exercise, take a peek at the Fitbit One. It’s a small wireless gadget that measures calories burned from every activity you do, such as steps and stairs taken. At night, it also tracks your sleeping pattern. The data collected can be synced to your desktop, and you canuse the stats to set goals or monitor yourself.

Spend more time with family

With data becoming cheaper and smartphones getting smarter, apps like Skype and Whatsapp are fab ways to make video and audio calls to your loved ones on the other side of the world for low costs. You can also use text-based instant messaging.

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