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Summer Recap – A Great Season For Apps

As summer winds to a close, it’s a great time to look back. Other than sunny skies, summer this year has been quite rewarding for digital enthusiast parents and kids, as the app world continues to grow while also growing more mature as well.Sunset - JMG Galleries

One trend that could describe the summer of 2012 has been resources. More and more resources are becoming available to parents looking for educational tools for their children. From teacher bloggers to more and more additions to the breadth of scientific insight into apps, there is certainly a lot of information out there to base decisions on.

Another trend would be the variety. There’s no shortage of options to consider; from apps to accessories to the devices themselves. Wait for the new mini iPad, or try competitors from LeapFrog to Google. Don’t forget to look at the waves of interactive accessories on the market. And don’t even get started on the apps!

One thing’s stayed the same: apps are here to stay. Your kid might even encounter them in their classrooms as they get older. They might even decide to develop them as a great way to learn the fundamental skills of computer science – a specialty that will only play a bigger role in the economy in years to come.

But what does it all mean?

Well, hopefully, happier, smarter children – a better, easier life. What technology is meant to bring.

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