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Not so Spooky Halloween Treats for Kids

It’s two days before Halloween! Whether you’re throwing your own party at home or sending Halloween treats off to school with your child, there’s got to be a creepy snack that’s just right for you. If not, you can always make some treats at home for your own private celebration (Even better! No need to share). Here are a few scary snacks that I found interesting. Some of these are quite creative and some are so easy your kids can make it themselves! Happy Eating!…I mean Halloween!

Giant Black Widow

I know spiders are usually pretty creepy but hey I wouldn’t mind eating this guy!

black widow

Dirt and Worms

Mmmm worms who can resist dirt and worms when you know there’s chocolate in there?

dirt and worms

Mummy Dogs

Like pigs in a blanket but… mummified.

mummy dogs

Marshmallow Witches

These are just too cute. Look at the green coconut hair! Forget about s’mores and roasted marshmallows, this is the next big thing.

marshmallow witches

And finally the healthy option: Veggie Skeletons! Isn’t he adorable? (Yeah I’ not a fan of healthy options that’s why it’s last haha just kidding…)

Veggie Skeleton

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