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Salty Saturdays: DIY Kid Friendly Snacks!

It’s Salty Saturday and many parents are trying to find neat and interesting ways to serve food to their kids this summer. Are you one of them? Fear not! Here are five interesting do-it-yourself ways to make fun and healthy snacks for and with your kid!

1) Food on Sticks
The way food is physically presented to kids can really make a difference. Try putting fruit on a kebab. You can even do the same thing with other kinds of foods such as meats, cucumbers, tomatoes, and cheese. Use foods that kids like to eat. The small portions and the stick appeal to kids. This is really useful for picnics, snack time, and even meals. The fun part about it is that you can have your child make the kebabs themselves which will appeal to them more!

2) Fruit Popsicles
Of course it’s easy to just walk into the grocery store and pick up a box of fruit popsicles from the frozen good isle, but making them at home means more fun and ensures that they’re more healthier for your child as well. This is a great way to get your child to eat fruits. Puree some strawberry, mango, or peach, add a teaspoon of sugar or sweetener, and add a cup of orange juice, pour into a popsicle mould (Very cheap to purchase at your local grocery or department store), and pop them into your freezer for a few hours! They’re a healthy and easy snack to prepare and kids love making them with you as well!

3) Wraps
Wraps are extremely popular with kids. They’re simple to make and kids love assembling them. Use whole wheat wraps rather than white grain. The thing about wraps is that you can add pretty much anything to them. From grilled chicken strips, to letteuce, and mayonnaise, to tortilla strips, salsa sauce, and cheese. Wraps are great for picnics, snacks, and meals! Do it buffet style and have your kids add whatever they want in them. That gives them freedom of choice and lets them explore different kinds of foods

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