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Review – MathBoard!

Hi everyone, I am back again this week with another iPad game review. This week I will be looking at “MathBoard” which is one of the best math games out there for the iPad.  MathBoard is appropriate for children of all ages from kindergarten to elementary school.  There are many different options that allow for this game to be unique to each individual. The user can choose to set a time limit per quiz and the number of questions per quiz. They can also choose a range of numbers they want to work with, for example numbers 0-100.  All the usual types of problems are available such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, squares and others. After reading up on this game, I decided to give it a try myself.

The game is really easy to setup as the features are very straight forward and it does not take a lot of time to make your quiz. The questions are multiple choice and below each questions is an area for scratch work. The user can use their finger as a pen to help them with a more difficult problem. This is a great feature for kids as the can utilize methods that they have been taught in school on this game.  I can definitely see this game making a difference in a child’s education and I recommend it to any parents who wants their children to practice their mathematics. After you have checked out this game, please provide some feedback!  You can leave a response here or you can visit us at

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