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Remember Reading Rainbow?

Hello parents and anyone who remembers the Reading Rainbow TV series! The award winning TV show ended in 2009 after running for 26 years. So what’s their next move? Of course we haven’t heard the last of them yet. Reading Rainbow host LeVar Burton and producer Mark Wolfe have started up a new company and developed an app called RRKidz.

This app brings reading to life again by providing a variety of books, charming animations, rewarding virtual stickers and “video field trips” which are video segments similar to the TV show. The app allows kids to read on their own or follow the narration provided. The company has signed deals with children’s book publishers including Brown Books for Young Readers, Sleeping Bear Press, and Shenanigan Books. They can also save books in a virtual backpack for future reading as well. The app will be free but users have the option of paying a subscription fee of $9.99 per month for unlimited access to books.

I’m sure many parents will be overjoyed that they can share something from their childhood with their kids. I personally don’t remember Reading Rainbow that well but I think it’s a great idea that they’ve moved their TV show to a new and more contemporary medium. Hopefully they can continue their reading legacy on the iPad instead.

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