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Reach for the APPs

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About two weeks ago, we introduced the story of Sharia. A two year old girl with autism who is benefitting from an app such as Proloquo2Go, First Words, ABCs and Me and Puzzle Me. These apps are contributing greatly to communication disorders associated with autism through augmentative and alternative communication therapy.

It is heartwarming to see such development happening in software realm. Just yesterday, Reach for the APPs, a non-profit organization that was founded by Nancy and Marc Reiser, in light of having a nephew with autism, was launched. Their goal is to aid schools with implementation of technology to better the quality of education for children on the Spectrum. They are taking a practical and hands-on approach by not only accepting donation monetarily, but also by accepting used and new iPad in order to give children with autism better access to iPads.

Interaction with an app is said to assist with the development of fine-motor skills. This, together with aforementioned apps that help with communication disorders, can augment the effort of improving the quality of life for children with autism.

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