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Polaroid Unveils Its Own Children’s Tablet!

Nope, you didn’t read it wrong. Polaroid, the corporation best known for pioneering instant photography, just popped out an Android tablet for kids.

What’s even more unexpected is that the 7-inch tablet doesn’t include an instant print feature. Bummer.

Let’s get the basics down first. The Polaroid tablet runs on Android 4.0 and is armed with rubber bumpers to withstand the endless dangers the little ones will most likely subject it to. As is the norm with kid tablets, the app shop is filtered and parental controls are in place to create a safe but realistic environment.

So what makes Polaroid’s tablet different from LeapPad Explorer or Tabeo or any other children’s tablet?

Well, first, this tablet has 8 GB of internal memory, whereas most tablets only have half that amount. Second, the tablet comes pre-loaded with the Nook bookstore and 10 fantastic Dr. Seuss and Smithsonian interactive books! I’ll take those over Angry Birds any time.

Other cool features include a music studio to create audio, a drawing app, and lullabies to help children fall asleep while the tablet is charging on its dock.

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