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Pokemon Fans: Pokemon TV Available for your Device!

A wild Pokemon has appeared!


Okay not quite… but the Pokemon TV app has been launched!

Are you and your child Pokemon fans? The official Pokemon TV app has been launched so now you can watch all your favourite Pokemon on your mobile device! Why didn’t someone think of doing this sooner? The app includes over 700 episodes of the 15 seasons of Pokemon (wow!). It also includes special features, trailers and movies as well. It gets even better though. There are no ads or in-app purchases and best of all, it’s free too! Who’s excited now? Okay apparently I am. Now your child can be entertained on those long car rides or meals at restaurants with the endless TV watching although we do encourage you to limit their use of course! There needs to be room for educational apps too (check out some of our reviews)! The Pokemon TV app is available for iPhone, iPad, iTouch and Android devices.

Pokemon TV app

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