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Personal Hygiene Lessons with Pepi Bath

Every kid needs lessons on personal hygiene and germ busting. If you’re tired of seeing sticky hands running wild or the floor used as a hamper, Pepi Bath may just be the solution.

In this quirky, role-playing app, players can choose a boy or girl character (both conveniently named Pepi) to take through various tasks that take place in the laundry room, toilet, bathtub, and sink. Putting detergent in the washing machine? Check. Shampooing hair? Check. Wiping the bum? You bet.

Characters interact with players via facial expressions and helpful hints. For example, if you try and use nail scissors to trim hair, Pepi will show a grimace and a disapproving “nuh-huh.” If you successfully complete an activity, you’ll get a massive “Thank you!” instead.

I like Pepi Bath because of its realism and super interactive graphics, both a must in kids’ apps nowadays. Elements such as the poppable bubbles from the sinkand squeaky rubber duck from the tub encourage children to keep exploring.

The app is compatible with both iOS and Android systems, and is available for $1.99.

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