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Patience, Little One

Just few days ago, Nicole Pagh and her husband, who developed an app that can create and send birthday messages, uploaded a video of their son Oscar.

In the video, 14 month old Oscar unlocks his iPad, swipes through the homescreen, finds the app he wants, and launches it. Of course his mother is encouraging and troubleshooting his process here and there, but he is the one essentially operating the iPad. Later, he even blows on the screen to blow out the candle that is being displayed.

His impressive ability to interact and navigate through iPad certainly shows the teaching property of tablets when it comes to spatial reasoning and logic; however, what’s more impressive is that while only being a 14-month-old, Oscar can patiently wait during the loading of the screen in between the sequences. It may seem trivial, but considering the controversy on how children can become impatient and temperamental when exposed to technology early on, this shows that children can certainly learn patience with parental guidance by teaching them the cause-effect relationship.

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