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Parents on Pinterest

After wasting my time exploring Pinterest for two weeks, I can safely confess that I am officially addicted. Now my mission is to get other people addicted, starting with you, the reader.

I love Pinterest because it is such a great place to get inspirations (and gawk at cheesecakes). You can find amazing holiday ideas, electronic products that you don’t even know exist, and other pins that will make you go “Wow!” or “Why didn’t I think of that?” or “I’m totally repinning this on my own board!” (hint hint nudge nudge).

Here are some of my favourite boards by parents on Pinterest:

“Rainbow Inspiration” and “Lunch Ideas” by Cate O’Malley because 1) rainbows make me happy and 2) I am so sick of eating sandwiches. Take a peek at pizza biscuit bears, rainbow parties, and even rainbow bread.I’m sure your mind will be bursting with ideas afterwards.

“Christmas” and “gift wrapping” by Dana Willard. Do-it-yourself and craft fanatics, you will feel right at home among her boards.

“The Parent Water Cooler” by Zina Harrington. I call it the virtual gossip room for parents who want to keep up with current parenting trends and stories.

“Bits of Awesome” by C.C. Chapman. Book igloos anyone?

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