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Parenting by iPad

No that’s not a typo up there. The iPad is the ultimate parenting tool for toddlers, and I have two reasons to back me up:

Reason #1: It’s an ideal pacifier

Your kid is going to be the death of your sanity at some point. Just imagine: you’re out grocery shopping or driving to Granny’s and your kid throws a tantrum comparable to a nuclear meltdown. Not fun, huh? The secret weapon for guaranteed tranquility? An iPad. It’s like using duct tape to cover your kid’s mouth, and with a little tinkering, you can make sure your kid is learning while playing. This leads to reason #2.

Reason #2: iPad games can help children develop their skills

Children’s apps are becoming increasingly more educational. For example, games like Sea & Match, whose object is to identify and place objects where they belong, promote memory skills and shape recognition. Or you can easily turn the iPad into a canvas with Draw Free and watch as your kid taps into his or her artistic talent and becomes the next Picasso.

Sanity protected? Check.
Kids quiet and learning? Check.
And just think, when your kid isn’t hogging the iPad, you can.

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