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Parent Portal

As 2012 wraps up, we hope you’ve had another fantastic year full of good memories! As school is about to start again soon, we’d like to share a new web application launched in Dallas, Texas. With the hectic lives of many parents, it may be hard to find time to be personally involved in your child’s education. That’s why a new application has been launched for parents to track their child’s grades, attendance and comments from teachers. Furthermore, parents also have the option of exchanging private messages with the teacher as well if they wish. Parent Portal has also recently launched as a smartphone app too. However, the major challenge of Parent Portal is signing on parents to use the program. It is not certain as to whether parents don’t find this application useful or the fact that they’re not willing to get involved. In some districts, parents lacked computers and smartphones which posed another challenge to the program. Nevertheless, we know that parental involvement is positively correlated with increases in student performance. So far this program has only been launched in Dallas. As a parent, would you be interested in this form of participation in your child’s education?

parent portal


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