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Not old Enough for Facebook? Try Grom Social!

Social media is not just a fad anymore as some people may have thought previously. I remember back in the day when I was like, “Why would I ever want to ‘tweet’ about my boring daily life?”. Now it is a blooming business that enables millions to communicate and share information as quickly as they get it. Of course at the head of the barrage of social media applications, there is Facebook. As most responsible parents should know, Facebook is only available for users aged 13 and older. But what about kids under 13? That’s where Grom Social comes in.

When one 11 year old was banned from Facebook by his parents, he decided that he would start his own social network instead. *Insert Mark Zuckerberg references here*. Zachary Marks and his siblings founded the social network Grom Social, with the help of their father. The website launched last fall. It currently has 6800 members and the website garners 6000 views per day. Zach is also a surfer from Florida and grom is surf slang for young, talented boarders. Grom Social has language filters in place and also blocks inappropriate content to protect children. Furthermore, Grom Social emails parents with updates of their children’s online activity as well. With online safety being a huge qualm for parents, this social network gets a seal of approval because it complies with COPPA laws regarding the online safety of children.

Grom Social

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