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Not Just Fun & Games, Chores and Schoolwork Too!

With the way technology is headed, tablets and apps will have more and more effects on not only our daily lives, but our children’s lives as well, in ways we can only hazard to imagine today. And not just in the sphere of entertainment either – no, soon these devices will be showing up in schools worldwide. Educators are experimenting with tablets in largequantitiesin schools in India and Pakistan. More novel solutions in the US include allowing kids to learn on their own devices, something that might be more palatable with future parental/educator controls coming down the pipeline.

ChoreMonster - Apple iTunesSo if teachers can use mobile devices to compliment their lesson plans, why can’t parents use them to teach kids useful life skills themselves, such as completing chores? That’s a problem that an app like ChoreMonster claims to have the solution for. It lets parents keep trackof what things their children should be responsible for, and whether they actually complete them. To entice completion, it has a points system with options to add virtual and real rewards. Obviously some care needs to be put into the rewards!

ChoreMonster is a great concept, and a great way for kids and parents to interact with these devices so that they don’t just see them as fun and games. It’s also an adaptation of a bargaining process that has been going on between parents and their children for decades.

The more things change…

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