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New Range of Apps Promises to Help Kids

A new wave of apps is emerging. These apps don’t just seek to teach kids subjects they’ve been learning for years – but instead use compelling interactivity to improve children’s lives and education in significant ways. Like apps for autism, these programs for children are venturing far into unknown territory – and are all the better for it.Pain Squad - The Straight

Money and finances draw quite a few blanks for a lot of us – even well into our teens. Whether you think it’s something you should educate your children on from an early age, there are new apps that claim to promote wise financial planning to younger audiences.

That’s not all there is either. With apps about topics ranging from the environment (think Foursquare for animals) to complicated spelling, kids can get a huge head start on school courses that they won’t study until they’re a lot older – an have some fun while doing it.

Another type of app with interesting potential is one developed by SickKids Hospital in Toronto which makes it easy for kids to identify where they’re hurt – and rewards them for continued use. This will have meaningful impact for the lives of hundreds of kids in hospital by helping doctors diagnose them without the kids having to struggle with names of symptoms.

This new generation of apps is not just more diverse than before, it introduces kids to new subjects and might potentially even save their lives.

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