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New Children’s Book: Read Me a Story, Stella

The wait is over, your favorite Canadian children’s book author, Marie Louise Gay has a new book to add too her collection of Stella and Sam tittles!

By: Marie-Louise Gay

By: Marie-Louise Gay

After four years of anticipation, the popular children’s book collection has a new adventure with older sister Stella and her younger brother Sam. The two siblings spend time together as Stella helps her younger brother build a strong house for their family dog Fred, as Stella references to  her books she brings along.  The moral of this story is that kids can enjoy reading as a daily activity.

Gay studied at the Graphic Institute of Montréal for post-secondary education and evolved her passion for drawing. The famous watercolor paintings by Gay herself, which has won the Governor General’s Literary Awards twice, has now become classic children illustrations.  She gave writing a try and combined her two talents by making children books. “I am inspired by the enthusiasm of the children I meet in schools, the way they react to my stories and illustrations with wonder, curiosity and emotion.” Gay says in an interview for, “ That is why I paint very detailed illustrations, knowing that some children will discover the tiniest details and the inside jokes. I feel very lucky to have found a creative outlet that lets me enter the emotional quality of childhood.”

You can now download Stella and Sam series on Apple products.

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