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More Affordable iPad Coming Soon!

As you have been reading on the kiddology website, learning through iPad applications is very effective for children. One of the main concerns with this learning method is the financial cost of the iPad. An iPad usually goes for around $500 which is actually a bargain for this type of technology, but a lot of families just can’t afford this. The $500 price point can get very expensive and a lot of families don’t have this type of cash available. Apple has realized that the $500 price tag may not be for everyone, so they are releasing an iPad mini version this fall. This version will have the same features as the iPad and all the applications will work on the mini. The mini is going to be more affordable with a starting price of around $200. I think this is very important news because every child should have the opportunity to experience different learning methods. By having the price of $200, this makes it more affordable for families and hopefully more children will be able to have more fun learning!


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