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Mini, Cheap, iPad Likely in Few Weeks, Say Rumours

It’s nothing but rumours at this point, but the tech world is continuing to buzz with ideas about Apple’s upcoming creation. If it is, it means a turning point for tablets with the public…

Right now, the iPad, and itsMini iPad - 9to5Mac
$400 price is still on the pricey side to be a dedicated kids’ toy. But what if the device maker where to release a mini, $250 version? The rumour mill has been going on about this for weeks. Apple has done this before, and indeed the iPod touch/scaled back iPhone was touted for its gaming capabilities. After the mini iPod came out those white earbuds became a ubiquitous sight. Will the Apple tablet reach the same peaks?

One can say this: if they do release a device such as this, it is easy to see Apple being at the top of children’s holiday wish lists worldwide yet another time. Lighter and less bulky, durable, but inexpensive enough that it can be cross-shopped with the latest Playstation (try finding an educational game on that device!), this could open the door to the digital world for a new generation!

Maybe, just maybe, this could prompt schools to consider more integration of digital devices in the curriculum as well. Considering the paper and test scores that might save, one might see why we’re optimistic for the future…

Wait and see.


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