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Meet UNO Roboto, A Twist to the Classic UNO

As much as I love technology, sometimes I wonder if we’re getting TOO high-tech.

Call me old-fashioned, but where’s the fun in playing Jenga on screen? Doesn’t it take away the nervous anticipation of knocking down the tower, or the triumph from proving that why yes, it is most certainly possible to balance an entire tower on a single block?

Plus, you can’t exactly cheat and subtly blow the tower down during your opponent’s turn if you play on screen now can you?

So here’s a classic goodie that is now the perfect balance between the physical and digital world: UNO Roboto.

For those who aren’t familiar with UNO, think of it as a more complicated but exciting version of Go Fish.To play, you have to match a card from your hand to the card in the center pile by number, color, or symbol. Your goal is to get rid of all your cards before the other players.

To add a twist, we have UNO Roboto, a cute robotic chap that sits in the middle of the table, ready to turn the classic game into something less traditional. When you switch it on, Roboto prompts each player to record his or her name, and also silly rules such as “make a scary face” or “jump up and down 10 times” that players will have torandomlydo as the game goes on.This is guaranteed to generate a lot of laughter.

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