Posted by Jay Kapadia on

Live Out Your Stories

This week, Mindshapes ltd. released Magic Town, an immersive story telling app for children. They integrate interactive “touch points” into the concept of illustrated books for children aged from 2 to 6.

They already have a library of 10 stories that comes within the app, and new stories are added every day. Among the titles, they have classic fairy tales and bestselling series such as “Elmer,” and “Farmyard Tales.”

While the app market is already flooded with storybook apps, one distinct feature about Magic Town is the four different reading modes it provides: play mode, explore mode, read together mode, and watch mode. In play mode, children can tap on the blinking illustrations as they progress the story with the narrator. In explore mode, children are asked few questions about the story as it progresses. In read together mode, the reader reads the story out loud and taps on the picture to progress. And lastly, in watch mode, children can simply listen to the narrator as the illustrations are animated and the story progresses.

As you can see, these different modes can suit the usage for children who are too young to read to children who are old enough to read together with their parents, and children can feel like they are living out the story with these interactions, rather than taking the observer point of view.

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