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This is Lilith. She is 2 years old.

I had the pleasure of meeting her and her mother when I was chatting with a friend at a coffee shop. I thought surely she was just randomly toying with the phone at first, but soon enough, I came to realize that she seems to be actually touching the phone with purpose.

I went up to her mother and introduced myself, and asked if her daughter actually knows how to operate the phone. She said, “Totally. She can take pictures with it, pull up a photo album, call her dad, and even launch Netflix to watch kids’ programs.”

Now I was considered an early adopter my whole life, but it made me realize that technology will be something of a first language for this new generation that practically breathes technology.

Lilith’s mother also added that she usually does not leave Lilith alone with the phone for hours, for she might grow an unhealthy attachment to it, but all in all, she is happy that her daughter is in touch with technology for it could provide tremendous potential for her education.

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